How much will the hourly rental set me back?

You can rent the studio at the hourly rate of $25 an hour. This is still very cheap compared to the hourly rates of other studios around town.




Read the – Rental Agreement.


Book Studio Reservation Here – Booking Calendar.



Studio – The Studio has the following Equipment for your use FREE of charge!:

 1 Main Studio (16’X18’)

1 Bedroom Studio (11’X14’)

6 – 300w Monolights

2 – 60″ Octobxes

2 – 24″ x 36″ Softboxes

2 – 24″ x 24″ Softboxes

1 – 27″ Beauty Dish

1 – 16″ Beauty Dish

4 Channel Wireless Cowboy Studio Transmitters / Receivers

Various Paper Backdrops (Multiple Colors)

Various Muslim Backdrops

Props – The Studio has the following props for your use:

 1 White Bench

1 Blue Bench

1 Couch

1 Large Mirror

Various Stools

Various other props

WIFI – The studio is equipped with a 50/5 Wireless Connection for use.

***All Equipment is subject to change as we update and replace equipment regularly***

About Us

Tempe Studio is a Cooperative Membership and Hourly Rental Studio located on University Drive in downtown Tempe. We provide an affordable studio for everyone

~Tempe Studio~


Jim Johnson – Studio Manager

Tempe Studio
1111 W University Drive #1011
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Contact Us

Owner Contact Information:

Robert Mattox
Hells Canyon Group
203 E Main Street #163
Richland, OR 97870